Best Time To Post On Facebook Australia (Full Guide)

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As a small business owner or social media enthusiast, you understand the importance of engaging with your audience on Facebook. However, posting at the wrong time can significantly decrease your chances of getting more likes, comments, shares, and visitors to your Facebook page. That’s why it’s crucial to know the best time to post on Facebook in Australia. In this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need to optimize your Facebook posts for maximum engagement.

The Best Time to Post on Facebook in Australia

To get the most engagement from your Facebook posts, our research indicates that the best time to post in Australia is between 1-3 PM on Thursdays and Fridays. During this time, people are on their lunch breaks and tend to check their phones for updates. Additionally, by sharing posts during this time, you increase the likelihood of your friends and followers seeing your posts since they have more time to scroll through their feeds.

On the other hand, Sundays are the worst days to post on Facebook as they have universally shown to have the lowest engagement and shares. However, keep in mind that Facebook’s algorithm has moved away from a chronological timeline, and it now shows users updates and posts that they’re likely to engage with the most. So, while posting at the best time can increase engagement, the quality of your content also plays a significant role.

Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Posts

Best Time To Post

Now that you know the best time to post on Facebook in Australia, it’s time to optimize your posts for maximum engagement. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Keep It Short and Sweet

With shorter attention spans, Facebook users prefer bite-sized information that’s valuable and genuine. As such, we recommend keeping your Facebook posts as short as possible while packing in as much value as possible.

Be Positive

Negativity is a turn-off for most people, and it’s no different on Facebook. If your friends and followers are always seeing negative posts from you, they may stop engaging or even delete you as a friend. So, it’s essential to maintain a positive attitude when posting on Facebook.

Include an Image

One of the best ways to grab your followers’ attention is by sharing a great photo. You don’t have to be a professional photographer or edit your images; a simple photo with your face will do the trick.

Use Emojis 🤑🤠😍

Emojis have become the modern-day hieroglyphs, and adding them to your Facebook posts has been shown to increase engagement. However, don’t overdo it; adding a few emojis to your posts is enough.

Keep It Genuine

In today’s world, people can easily see through posts that are inauthentic and crying out for attention. So, keep your content genuine, and people will relate to it.


Posting on Facebook at the right time can significantly increase your chances of getting more engagement, but it’s not the only factor that matters. The quality of your content, how you present it, and how often you post are all critical factors that can impact your engagement levels. So, use the tips we’ve shared in this guide to optimize your Facebook posts for maximum engagement. Remember, getting more likes, comments, shares, and visitors to your Facebook page requires effort and consistency, so keep at it.

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