Is Shared Web Hosting Good for Beginners? 

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If you’re planning to launch your website, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is choosing the right hosting type. Shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting are the two most popular options available in the market. Both options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, making it tough for beginners to decide which one to go for.

Let’s take a closer look at shared web hosting and determine whether it’s the right choice for beginners or not.

Shared vs Dedicated

Shared hosting is when multiple websites run on a single server, while dedicated web hosting scales down into specialized resource pools, each catering to a single website. Shared web hosting is much cheaper than dedicated hosting as the operational cost of the machine is shared between different websites. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, is more complex and expensive, making it less suitable for beginners.

Shared Web Hosting – The Good

Shared web hosting is a great option for beginners who are looking for an affordable hosting solution. With shared hosting, the cost of the machine is shared between different websites, making it a very cost-effective option. In addition, shared hosting has greatly matured over the years, with companies offering a plethora of tools to their customers.

Moreover, due to the template-like structure of shared web hosting, it is extremely easy for service providers to offer support. Hosting companies have automated the process of scaling processing and bandwidth needs, making it hassle-free for individuals who have little website management experience.

Shared Web Hosting – The Bad

While shared web hosting has its advantages, it also has some downsides. Shared hosting can be risky from a security perspective as all websites are hosted on a single server. If one domain decides to run unverified or malicious scripts, there is a risk that others may also be affected.

Another issue that may be of concern is the risk of overselling by hosting service providers. Some companies that offer too-good-to-be-true pricing can oversell their servers, which may impact the performance of all domains hosted on the server.

Shared Web Hosting – Security

Shared web hosting comes with a few security risks that website owners need to be aware of. Since multiple websites are hosted on a single server, if one of the domains runs unverified or malicious scripts, it could potentially affect the other websites on the server as well.

Attackers commonly exploit this vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to otherwise secure websites. If your business deals with confidential contracts or financial information, it is advisable to consider shifting to a dedicated hosting environment.

Top Shared Web Hosting Platforms


BlueHost is a popular and reliable hosting platform that caters to novice webmasters. It offers excellent hosting packages and user-friendly site-building software. Their customer service is professional, and the company has a high reputation for guaranteeing site uptime.

To learn more about BlueHost, you can check out my review of Australian web hosts, where I go into detail about their performance with Aussie-based websites. I test various aspects such as speed, uptime, customer service, price, and much more!


DreamHost covers all the basics of web hosting and also offers extended security configurations for businesses that prioritize data security. While they do not provide telephone support, they compensate for it with a money-back guarantee in case of unplanned downtimes.


Hostwinds is another excellent web hosting service that offers shared, dedicated, and reseller hosting plans. Setting up a website is easy thanks to a user-friendly toolset combined with helpful customer service.


GoDaddy is known for its solid uptime and offers both Windows- and Linux-based servers. They have tightly integrated their email services with Microsoft apps and even provide managed WordPress hosting if needed.


InMotion offers easy-to-use website tools and unlimited email offerings, regardless of the plan selected. However, some plans do not have month-to-month payment options, which may make things complicated. Nonetheless, their money-back guarantee against unplanned downtime makes them a reliable option for hosting your domain.

Alternatives To Shared Web Hosting

Dedicated VPS hosting is an alternative to shared web hosting. It’s like having a dedicated machine that handles all your website’s needs hosted within a service provider’s infrastructure. The significant advantage of VPS hosting is greater bandwidth and eliminating the risk of overcompensation. However, this comes at a cost.

Since VPS hosting means you get your own machine, the service provider charges a higher fee. This can be quite steep for startups and newcomers who only require a basic website setup.

Another factor to consider is the cost of maintenance. Shared web hosting infrastructure is taken care of by the service providers, with several packages pre-installed. In most VPS setups, you get a virtual machine that requires you to install all the necessary packages for your website.

This means you either need to learn the skills yourself or hire a dedicated resource. While some service providers can do this for you, it comes at an additional cost.

Dedicated hosting may not be suitable for everyone, especially not beginners. If your website has specific needs that a regular shared hosting provider cannot fulfill, then you may want to consider dedicated hosting. However, this is unlikely. The role of dedicated VPS web hosting isn’t entirely eliminated, even for beginners. It serves as a good migration option once the initial website starts receiving a high number of hits, and new complex functionalities need to be added.

Final Call

Shared web hosting is a great option for beginners who want an affordable and easy way to get their website online. While it has some limitations, it’s still a good platform to start with.

For entrepreneurs who want a reliable online presence without spending too much money or dealing with complicated technical stuff, shared web hosting is a great choice. It’s really convenient and can save time and money.

As your website grows and needs more features, you can upgrade to more advanced plans or move to a dedicated server.

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