Top 7 Best Yoast SEO Alternatives For WordPress

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Written By Cooper Bancroft

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If you consider yourself a blogger, entrepreneur, or someone with a large online presence, odds are you know a thing or two about SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of strategically placing keywords throughout website text to get better internet search results.

A properly optimized website is integral to cultivating a large online following for your person or brand.

Yoast is one of the more popular SEO plugins for WordPress that allows you to change your site without requiring technical coding know-how. Yoast has both free and premium (paid) versions and has been installed on over 5 million sites. 

However, many like to buck the trend and might be looking for an alternate SEO plugin than Yoast. With that in mind, here are 7 of the best Yoast SEO alternatives for WordPress. 

7. SEOPressor

Installed on over 23 million WordPress sites, SEOPressor is one of the top alternatives to Yoast. SEOPressor’s design is very user-friendly and allows clients to optimize up to three keywords using an algorithm that is informed by over 3 billion rows of data. The dashboard is clearly displayed and you can change around the look of the dashboard without too much technical know-how. 

SEOPressor , unfortunately, does not have a free version, but premium versions start as low as $9 a month. It also offers SEO suggestions and measures your website’s ‘semantic quality’ with is built-in SemantiQ engine. SEOPressor calculates and measures website data so you can strengthen contextual signals for better search engine results. 

6. WP Meta SEO

Designed for those who have little to no knowledge of SEO, WP Meta is a plugin used by numerous businesses. WP Meta SEO will check your site for any SEO issues and gives suggestions for how to fix them. The user-friendly mouse hover mechanics lets you easily see what the problems are and how you can fix them. 

WP Meta SEO can also link to Google Analytics so you can analyze search engine performance, focus keywords, and descriptions. Even though WP Meta SEO is made for beginners, even SEO experts will find plenty of use out of it. 

5. Squirrly SEO

Squirrly comes equipped with numerous SEO, assistant, and auditing tools which make it an excellent substitute for Yoast. Squirrly features a useful instruction mode that walks users through exactly how to fix their website SEO and support forums exist for troubleshooting problems. 

If you are more included to use a system with built in SEO, then you should check out my post on the best website builders for Australians that have SEO baked right in.

Squirrly offers a much more user-friendly experience that Yoast and includes keyword search assistance, SEO live assistance, and audit suite to analyze SEO performance, metadata options to fix your tags, and full compatibility with social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. 

The base version of Squirrly is free but the company offers two tiers of paid subscriptions; a Pro mode for $29.99 a month and a Business plan for $71.99 a month, both of which offer extra features. 

4. The SEO Framework

Another free SEO plugin, the SEO Framework is a rigorously optimized plugin that has built-inI that can automatically optimize and update your pages for better SEO performance. Along with the automatic AI tool, SEO Framework allows clients to manually configure the SEO settings. 

SEO Framework has recently gained a lot of popularity among WordPress users for its impressive suite of SEO functionality, including XML sitemaps, Canonical URL rules, metadata management capacities, and color-coded guidelines for a user-friendly interface. It also has several free and a handful of paid extensions that add more functionality. 

The base package is free but premium plans start at $49 a month up to $299 a month. 

3. All in One SEO

All in One SEO is probably the most popular WordPress SEO plugin after Yoast and for good reason. Its number of installs is actually higher than Yoast, even though it is less popular. All in One SEO offers a ton of great SEO functions such as XML site mapping, Google Analytics integration, and Free WooCommerce integration for any commercial sites. 

All in One does not enable every feature by default so you can go in and manually decide which features you want active at any given time, giving the plugin a wide range of flexibility. Adding in a very user-friendly interface makes All in One SEO a very attractive choice for web developers.

The base version is free but you can upgrade to the pro version with plans starting at a $68 annual fee. To learn more about getting started with WordPress, check out my ultimate guide on the best WordPress hosting Australia picks.

2. Rank Math

Rank Math comes equipped with so many SEO features it has been come to be known as the “swiss army knife” of SEO plugins. Included in these features is an automatic SEP updater and the ability to optimize for up to 5 keywords per post, as compared to Yoast’s 3 per post. 

Rank Math can perform a comprehensive SEO audit on your website and has the capacity to target local SEO keywords, so you can make sure your site stands out amongst competitors. The easy setup wizard guides you through the installation process and verifies the ideal settings for optimum performance. Best of all, Rank Math is totally free to download and use!

1. SEOPress

Not to be confused with SEOPressor, SEOPress is another great alternative SEO plugin to Yoast. SEOPress features an all-in-one SEO suite than can receive post and page analytics, provide recommendations, and has an extremely intuitive and easy to use interface. 

Like many SEO plugins, SEOPress offers metadata management, XML sitemaps, HTML sitemaps, Google Analytics integration, and the ability to import previous metadata from your old SEO plugin. The premium version adds WooCommerce integration and Google XML video sitemaps, among other features. 

The basic version is free to download and clients can upgrade to the pro version for a $39 annual fee which includes unlimited site usage. 


You have tried Yoast, so now it is time to step out of the mundane and try something new. These 7 SEO plugins are all great alternatives to Yoast that will help you boost your site performance to cultivate a stronger online presence. 

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