Best Dedicated Server Hosting Australia (Top 5 Picks)

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When it comes to web hosting, dedicated servers are the way to go if you need unparalleled power, speed and flexibility. With a dedicated server, you can enjoy complete control over your website, without having to worry about sharing resources with other users.

Here are the top 5 dedicated server hosting providers in Australia that are worth considering for your website:

1. A2Hosting: Best Dedicated Host for Australians

A2Hosting is a reliable hosting provider that offers a wide range of hosting solutions including shared, VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting. While they don’t have data centres in Australia, their servers in Singapore offer blazing fast speeds at a more affordable price.

Their entry-level dedicated plan ($145AUD/mo) includes 10TB bandwidth, 8GB RAM, 1TB storage, cPanel, root access, 2 cores, Linux OS and SSL certificates. They also offer managed dedicated servers, which are incredibly easy to set up and manage.

Compared to a comparable plan with the same specs in Australia, which would cost around $200-$500/mo, A2Hosting is definitely more affordable. With their wide range of hosting options and exceptional customer support, A2Hosting is a great choice for Australians.

 2. DigitalPacific: Top Australian Based Provider

Founded in 2000, DigitalPacific is a leading Australian based web hosting provider that offers a comprehensive range of hosting services including shared, VPS, managed WordPress and dedicated server hosting.

With over 20 dedicated hosting plans that range from $49AUD/mo to $4,499AUD/mo, DigitalPacific offers a wide range of options for users. Their mid-range plan ($149AUD/mo) includes 16GB RAM, 2 x 240GB SSD disk space, 2TB bandwidth, and a 6 core processor.

With local Aussie support and data centres in Sydney, DigitalPacific offers lightning-fast load times and exceptional customer support.

 3. Fluccs: 100% Uptime Australian Servers

Fluccs, established in 1996, is an enterprise-focused hosting provider that specializes in colocation, VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting solutions. Unlike the other providers on this list, Fluccs does not offer shared hosting.

With three Australian based server locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Fluccs offers exceptional uptime and reliability. Their dedicated server plans start from $149AUD/mo and include 4GB RAM, 500GB disk space, 1TB bandwidth, and an Intel Xeon E3-1220 processor.

For businesses with specific needs, Fluccs also offers custom systems to cater to individual requirements.

  • Wide Range of Hosting Solutions
  • Blazing Fast Speeds
  • Affordable Plans
  • Cost-Effective
Digital Pacific
  • Lightning-Fast Load Times
  • Simple Management Interface
  • Affordable Hosting Packages
  • Easy to Scale Up
  • Wide Range of Hosting Solutions
  • 100% Uptime
  • Scalable Resources
  • Australian-Based Server Locations

 4. BlueHost: Cheapest Dedicated Server Host

BlueHost is a well-known hosting provider that offers a range of hosting services including shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. While they don’t have any Australian based servers, they still deliver moderate speeds to users in Australia.

Their entry-level dedicated host plan includes 5TB of bandwidth, 4 core CPU, 500GB mirrored storage, 4GB RAM and up to 3 individual IP addresses. Priced at $116/mo AUD, BlueHost is the cheapest dedicated server host on this list.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee and reliable customer support, BlueHost is a great option for budget-conscious users.

5. RansomIT: A Multi-City Australian Host

RansomIT is an Australian web hosting provider that offers enterprise hosting solutions, making it one of the best in the industry. With a strong focus on providing the best hosting services, RansomIT offers a competitive advantage by having the most extensive range of Australian data centers to choose from.

RansomIT offers data centers in major Australian cities like Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, making it an excellent starting point for those who want to be specific about their server location.

When it comes to the pricing of their plans, they are well-priced for the benefits they offer. For instance, their Equinix SY3 Sydney server plan costs $250 per month and includes 5TB bandwidth, 4 x 480GB SSD storage, 128GB RAM, and 2x 10 core 3Ghz processors. Overall, it is a heavy-hitting web host that delivers quality services.

How I Found the Best Dedicated Hosts in Australia

To find the best web hosting providers in Australia, I used a selection criteria that focused on server location, local support, pricing, customer support, scalability options, bandwidth, and storage, among other factors.

Reasonable Pricing

Dedicated server hosting is usually more expensive than VPS or shared web hosting. This is because users are renting out an entire computer for their website. For this reason, some web hosting companies charge inflated prices. However, I have only included web hosts that offer great value at a reasonable price.

Wide Range of Server Locations

For businesses of any size, delivering fast speeds to Australian internet surfers is crucial. One way to do this is by having locally-based or closely-located servers. This results in less latency, which gives a faster load time for websites.

While an Australian server is ideal, I have also included web hosts with servers in Singapore and the USA for variety and price.

Great Customer Support

Hosting solutions become more complex as you move up, and complex systems have more opportunities to break. In such cases, it is invaluable to have a support team that is knowledgeable and happy to help.

For this reason, I have made a strong focus on web hosts that offer strong support services. Companies with toll-free numbers within Australia are given an advantage.

Managed and Unmanaged Options

When it comes to dedicated web hosting, users can opt to manage everything themselves or have a managed option where the technical aspects are taken care of. I have included web hosts that offer both these options, with the managed option coming at a higher price.

Scalability Options

If your website has reached a scale where a VPS or shared host isn’t enough, congratulations! However, more traffic means more bandwidth, storage, and resources are needed. In addition, if your website is to grow even further, adding even more resources will be necessary. Therefore, I have included web hosting providers that offer dedicated and custom plans to cater to your website needs.

Bandwidth and Storage

One of the biggest advantages of dedicated hosting is the vast amounts of bandwidth and SSD that one can use. As a rule of thumb, a good dedicated host should provide around 1TB of bandwidth at a minimum and 500GB of storage. I have included web hosting providers that can cater to the needs of almost any website.

Security and Redundancy Features of a Data Centre

If you decide to go with a dedicated server, most of your website data will be stored in one place. While this can be an advantage, you’ll want to know that your website files are secure from internal and external factors. Here are some important features that any good data centre should have:

Compliance with  Standards

When it comes to online storage, particularly for complex systems, meeting strict standards is essential. Several prominent ones that data centres must comply with include PCI, HIPAA, SOX, JSOX, GLB, NIST 800-53, SOC, and SOC2 standards.

Highly Secure  Facilities

Physical security is crucial when it comes to storing hardware in data centres. Good data centres have to be made secure from various threats. 24/7 camera and manned surveillance, fireproof structures, biometric access control, and sometimes even bulletproof glass are some of the necessary measures.

Backup Power 

Power outages can occur even in this modern age due to various factors. When this happens, data centres need to have backup power sources to keep operating. Dedicated server hosts usually have multiple power redundancies, ranging from backup diesel generators to external batteries, to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Security Software and Systems 

While a dedicated server host may have a secure facility, they must back it up with internal security systems that prevent security breaches and hacking. These include virus protection systems, firewalls to prevent DDoS attacks, and restrictions on remote access to servers.

Backup Locations 

In the unlikely event that all of the above redundancies fail, many servers have duplicated files in entirely separate and isolated locations. This means that if a centre goes dark, the traffic can be rerouted to another location to pick up the distribution of traffic. This is known as cloud and CDN infrastructure, which duplicates files and resources across multiple locations, providing more security and peace of mind for website users.

When all of these measures are put in place, users benefit from highly secure dedicated server hosting.

Final Thoughts 

That’s all for now! Hopefully, this guide has provided some insight into taking your website to the next level. It’s worth noting that Australian-based websites don’t necessarily require an Australian-based server. With faster transfer speeds, CDNs, and efficient server architecture, users can have servers in Singapore or the USA and still enjoy great speeds.

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