Top 7 Best WordPress Plugins For Instagram

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Instagram is a popular source of captivating images and videos for sites that focus on trending content. If you want to add more Instagram content to your site, using a WordPress plugin is a great idea.

With Instagram WordPress plugins, you can easily display an Instagram feed on your website in posts, pages, or in the sidebar. There are several Instagram WordPress plugins available, making it easier to showcase good content on your site. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins for Instagram that can help give your site a fresh look.

7. Enjoy Instagram

If you want a visually appealing way to display your Instagram feed, Enjoy Instagram is an ideal plugin for you. With this plugin, you can showcase Instagram content and choose the number of photos you want to display at a time, as well as where on the site they will appear.

You can view each photo in either Carousel or Gid mode, giving you more flexibility when viewing Instagram posts. You can even sort Instagram posts by specific hashtags to showcase trending content. The plugin is also responsive and works seamlessly on mobile devices.

Enjoy Instagram has a basic free package, but premium plans starting at $20 are also available. The premium plans offer enhanced performance and the ability to display multiple hashtag feeds.

6. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is a popular WordPress plugin with excellent client support. The plugin is easy to set up and allows you to showcase photos from multiple Instagram accounts in the same or separate feeds.

You can customize Instagram Feed completely, changing the width, height, number of columns, and background colour of your feed. You can display full-sized, medium, or thumbnail photos and set the image spacing according to your preferences.

The basic plugin is free to download and use, while there are three paid versions available: Personal ($49), Business ($79), and Developer ($129). The paid versions offer additional features such as a hashtag feed and comments.

5. Custom Instagram Feed

Custom Instagram Feed is an incredibly versatile Instagram plugin that enables you to personalize your feed using uncomplicated shortcodes. This plugin is not only simple to set up, but it is also compatible with all WordPress themes, and offers configurable settings for the number of photos and layout style.

This feed is responsively designed, ensuring optimal display on mobile devices, and allows you to exhibit multiple posts across various feeds. With Custom Instagram Feed, you can even specify the order in which photos are displayed, whether chronologically or randomly.

While the basic package is free to download and use, an advanced version is available for a monthly subscription of $10. The advanced version comes with additional features such as hashtag support, Lightbox support, and comment section support.

4. Instagram Feed

Among the best WordPress plugins for Instagram, Instagram Feed is a breeze to install and configure. The plugin utilizes shortcodes to enable extensive customization, and it is responsively designed to cater to mobile users.

The Instagram gallery is entirely customizable, allowing you to control column height and width, the order of photos, and the number of photos displayed. For those with technical expertise, the CSS module can be customized for greater control.

The basic version of Instagram Feed is free and supports only one site. However, upgrading to the Pro versions costs $39 or $79, depending on the number of sites you want to support. The Pro version offers extra features, including pop-up lightbox and hashtag support.

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3. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social offers both free and premium versions, with premium services starting at $50 for a single website and going up to $200 for unlimited websites. Feed Them Social stands out from other plugins because it allows you to showcase feeds from various social media sites.

Moreover, the premium account provides full support for each social network, enabling you to filter Instagram feeds based on hashtags, comments, and likes. It also allows you to incorporate follow buttons, enabling users to follow feeds directly from your website.

The plugin comes equipped with a shortcode generator, which facilitates the posting of feeds anywhere on your website. The plugin also includes infinite scrolling and a Load More button, allowing users to browse through your feeds endlessly.

2. AccessPress Instagram Feed

AccessPress Instagram Feed is a plugin that provides both free and premium services. It is a simple yet modern plugin that is rich in features, allowing you to customize any Instagram feed according to your preferences. You can filter by hashtags, sort images by date, and enable or disable like/comment buttons.

There are 16 pre-designed templates available with AccessPress, including masonry view, grid view, circular view, and slider view. Additionally, the plugin comes with shortcode generators, which makes it easy for you to insert feeds wherever you want on your site.

The basic version of the plugin is free to download and use, with premium accounts starting at $18. With the pro plan, you get access to more layout templates, new filter options, new sliders, more ways to display images, and options to enable/disable the lightbox, among other features.

1. Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is a premium plugin that offers more services than free Instagram plugins. With Instagram Journal, you get the option to filter photos, tag them with specific hashtags, and sort them based on likes and comments.

The plugin also provides a large gallery for you to present your content, with different colour schemes, colour settings, gallery sizes, and photo layouts. Everything is 100% responsively designed, ensuring that your content looks great on mobile devices too.

The regular license for Instagram Journal costs $20, with extended support available for an additional $5. Instagram Journal is an excellent choice for an affordable premium Instagram plugin and is perfect for giving your site the content it needs.

Instagram plugins can be a great way to display a rolling selection of images and videos on your website. This list of the best WordPress plugins for Instagram will help you present content to users in an engaging manner and keep them coming back for more.

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